Oil Scraper Ring

Oil Scraper Ring

Oil Scraper Ring

Design Features: Using tin-lead bronze, babbitt alloy, powder metallurgy, polytetrafluoroethylene and other materials, it has good wear resistance. Compared with cast iron oil control rings, it has a short running-in time, a good fit with the surface of the piston rod, and no The advantages of scratching the surface of the piston rod.

Common type of oil control ring type

E45 is composed of three oil scraper rings

E46 is composed of two oil scraper rings

E47 consists of two oil scraper rings and a pulsating seal ring


Scope of application:

Water speed: up to 1500rpmCold piston rod diameter: 14~250mm

Application areas: Petroleum refining, petrochemical chemical industry, natural gas PET bottle blowing gas industry.

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