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Air compressor valve industry knowledge


What should I do if the air compressor valve leaks?
(1) The supplier of air compressor valve accessories tells you,Whether the one-way check valve is faulty, and replace it in time.
(2) The gasket of the one-way check valve is full of oil mist, so it is necessary to consider replacing the gasket or getting a rubber pad of the same size, placing it under the gasket, and tightening it, so as to prevent air leakage.

Under normal circumstances, there are two types of air leakage in the air compressor, one is internal leakage and the other is external leakage:
(1) Internal leakage
It refers to the leakage of gas from the high pressure into the volume of the unit. Although this situation will not have a great impact on the displacement of the air compressor, it will increase the problem in the volume of the unit, and the compression required Energy consumption will increase. Some small-scale air leaks on the pipeline should also be dealt with in a timely manner, so as to avoid accumulating small amounts and causing large impacts in the end. Unplug the blue earth air pipe from the compressor: first, turn off the power, release the air from the compressor site, unplug the blue main air pipe from the compressor and press down on the copper joint jacket, let the compressor remove the load and work alone.
(2) No air leakage
Find the reason for the piston ring and one-way valve. This kind of machine is usually accompanied by the main engine leaking air, the air compressor will work for too long, the cylinder will be overheating, the one-way valve being prone to carbon deposits and not closed tightly, and the crankcase bottom shell being slow. Slowly lacking oil and wearing the crankshaft and piston rings, the air compressor works more frequently, forming a vicious circle until the compressor keeps running.
The air compressor valve supplier tells you that you should pay attention to the length of each working time of the air compressor from the new machine, and how many times the printing machine starts printing and stops printing, and the compressor restarts once. The main reason is that certain glue sticks to the surface of the moving parts, and the second is that the sealing ring of the valve core is aging and deformed. First, loosen the fastening ring that holds the black can on top of the black can.

How to adjust the air compressor pressure-reducing valve?
(1) Close the gate valve before the pressure-reducing valve and open the gate valve after the pressure-reducing valve to create a downstream low-pressure environment;
(2) Turn the adjusting screw counterclockwise to the uppermost position (relative to the lowest outlet pressure), and then close the rear gate valve of the pressure-reducing valve;
(3) Slowly open the gate valve in front of the pressure-reducing valve to fully open;
(4) Slowly turn the adjusting screw clockwise to adjust the outlet pressure to the required pressure (based on the gauge pressure behind the valve);
(5) After adjustment, lock the nut and open the rear gate valve of the pressure-reducing valve;
Warm attention from air compressor valve suppliers: Due to the setting of the working principle of the pressure-reducing valve, if the outlet pressure is higher than the set pressure during adjustment, it must be readjusted from the first step, that is, it can only be adjusted from low pressure to high pressure.

The solution to the leakage of the air valve of the air compressor
(1) It is best to connect the device and install it correctly. Air compressor air leakage usually occurs between pipe sections and the connection between pipes and equipment, so the selection of high-quality pipe accessories, connecting devices, hoses, and pipes is a prerequisite for reducing compressed air leakage. At the same time, the correct installation plays an important role in preventing air compressor leakage.
(2) Try to implement the depressurization operation to stabilize the air supply pressure. Under the pipeline conditions of the air compressor phase, reducing the system pressure can significantly reduce the probability of air compressor leakage, which is of great significance to the energy saving of the compressed air system. Stabilizing the air supply pressure of the system can ensure the normal operation of the wind power equipment. Reducing and stabilizing the supply pressure of the system can reduce energy consumption on the premise of ensuring the smooth production of the system. Only under the voltage stabilizing effect of the voltage stabilizing device, it is convenient to consider the step-down operation of the system. Due to a large amount of leakage, the system has to increase the gas supply pressure to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Improving the sealing conditions of the pipe network is an important prerequisite for depressurization operation.
(3) Strengthen the management of out-of-service and periodic wind power equipment. The compressed air pipeline is connected to the out-of-service gas equipment, which is equivalent to a large air compressor leak point. Therefore, it is necessary to cut off the air source of this equipment in time to reduce downtime. Unnecessary energy consumption. If the equipment that is using gas is not full-time gas, but periodic intermittent gas, such equipment should also be cut off in time during non-working periods. Finally, we strengthen spot checks on air compressors, such as pipe joints, connecting flanges, hose joints, valves, and other parts that are most likely to cause air compressor air leakage, so that air compressor air leakage can be found and stopped in time.

Where is the air compressor intake valve?
The air compressor intake valve is installed on the main body of the air compressor, because it controls the opening and closing of the intake valve, or just follow the intake valve to find it. The intake valve is a combination valve with the functions of intake control, loading and unloading control, capacity adjustment control, anti-unloading, or fuel injection at shutdown.

What valve is generally used for compressed air?
For compressed air, it is recommended to use ball valves for valves with small diameters and gate valves for valves with large diameters. Carbon steel can be used for valves, and stainless steel is used for high-demand chemicals. For specific requirements, you can consult professionals. I hope my answer can help you.

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