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Air compressor accessories manufacturers analyze the phenomenon of air compressor shutdown during operation


For many brands of air compressors, many common faults will occur during the maintenance and application of spare parts, which will affect the application and operation of the equipment. So how can we deal with a large number of items that affect the test operation due to common faults? Air compressors are the same as human beings, they need to be maintained, and if they are not maintained, they will get sick, so how can we properly deal with the sudden shutdown of the air compressor during operation? Air compressor accessories manufacturers take you to interpret:

First, the reasons are:
(1) The respiratory working pressure is too low, less than the low voltage lower limit value of the pressure controller;
(2) The pressure of the exhaust pipe is too high, causing the high-voltage relay to turn off the power;
(3 The oil pressure is too low, the oil pressure relay operates to relay;
(4) Motor load, thermal relay action relay.

2. Exclusion method:
(1) For inspection reasons, if the pipeline is blocked, the pipeline should be unblocked, and if the system refrigerant is not enough, it should be replenished;
(2) Check the cooling capacity or cooling exhaust air volume of the cooler;
(3) Check the pipeline and oil pump of the oil delivery system;
(4) Check whether the power supply voltage is slightly low or the cooling load is too large.

Storage environment requirements for air compressor accessories:
Normal storage of air compressor accessories should be carried out in a dry room. Do not place it in a humid and light place, place it on a flat plate, and cover it with a lid or dry oil-absorbing paper.
Before starting to store air compressor accessories for a long time, the air compressor accessories should be maintained and repaired, and damaged parts should be replaced in time. If the exterior paint peels off, we should make plans in time to do a good job of follow-up paintwork, and remember to apply butter to the exposed metal to prevent oxidation and rust.
Air compressor accessories should be in a certain order, and the classification should be clear, which will not affect the maintenance progress of the air compressor.

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