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is a professional enterprise with modern business philosophy, dedicated to the research, production, sales and service of compressor accessories. It is one of the few domestic companies that can produce high-precision compression parts. Products are widely used in metallurgy, mining, petroleum, gas, chemical, textile, food, medicine and other industries, and are supporting many domestic compressor mainframe manufacturers.

The company leads the production of the following four categories of mature technology products:

Compressor valve series, compressor packing seal series, piston parts series, regulating valve series, with many years of experience in development, production and sales, the products have been supplied in series.

Air compressor accessories supplier

Compressor Valve Accessories

Secondary Exhaust Valve

Marine Air Secondary Exhaust Compressor Valve Accessories

Learn about Different parts of Marine Air Valve Accessories,secondary Exhaust Valve is composed of a valve body, a rotary check valve, a butterfly valve and a control cylinder. The...

Three-Stage Intake Valve

Air Compressor Parts Three-Stage Intake Valve

The three-stage intake valve consists of four parts: valve body, rotary check valve, butterfly valve and control cylinder.The rotary check valve comes with a counterweight and a fl...


Air Compressor Valve Spring

Looking for Air Compressor Valve Fittings Spring Products from Wenzhou Dongyi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. at affordable prices.Air Compressor Valve Spring is essential to con...


Air Compressor Assembly Peek Valve Plate Accessories

What is a Valve Assembly?Valve assemblies typically include the entire fluid control mechanism and its housing, electrical or mechanical actuation mechanism, and any associated con...

Secondary Intake Valve

Air Compressor Secondary Intake Valve Parts

How to check secondary air valve?Open the valve body to check the operation of the internal mechanism: whether there is mechanical corrosion or jamming; if the above situation cann...


Connecting Rod Assembly Bushing

What is the purpose of a bushing?Bushings Manufacturer tell you what this product meaning.In the event of excessive vibration and road noise in the vehicle cab, the lower bushing n...

Connecting Rod Bolt

Air Compressor Valve Stem Solid Connecting Rod Bolt

Air Compressor Valve Stem Solid connecting Rod Bolt Components: big end bearing shell (upper bearing shell), small end bearing shell (copper Sleeve, lower bearing insert), connecti...

Piston Ring Support Ring

Piston Ring Support Ring

Design features: a variety of structural designs, suitable for pistons arranged horizontally, vertically and at any angle; for oil-lubricated or non-oil-lubricated cylinders, diffe...


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