Piston Ring Support Ring

Piston Ring Support Ring

Piston Ring Support Ring

Design features: a variety of structural designs, suitable for pistons arranged horizontally, vertically and at any angle; for oil-lubricated or non-oil-lubricated cylinders, different designs are given to achieve the best service life; different materials are for different Working conditions to achieve the best sealing efficiency; the support ring is designed in accordance with the API618 standard to ensure its load-bearing and guiding effect on the piston and prevent direct contact between the piston and the cylinder liner

Part of the structure of the piston ring support ring

PTFE (filled polytetrafluoroethylene)

Hy501 bears strong load, good wear resistance, suitable for low pressure (<40bar) working conditions with oil

HY546 has high hardness and low friction coefficient, suitable for medium pressure (40-100bar) oil conditions

HY520 has good thermal conductivity and is often used in high-temperature and high-speed oil-free air compressors and oxygen compressors

HY521 oil-free, suitable for dry/wet gas media, wear-resistant

HY524 is suitable for extremely dry gas, often used in oil-free nitrogen compressors

HY526 is suitable for oil-free working conditions, light dry gas, high wear resistance, high temperature resistance

HY607 is suitable for oil-free oxygen compressor

PPS (polyphenylene sulfide)

HY607 is suitable for oil-free oxygen compressor PEEK (polyether ether ketone)

HY607 is suitable for oil-free oxygen compressors, single ring notch with pressure relief groove, full ring

Phenolic Resin

HY547 is suitable for oil-free, chrome-plated, high pressure (up to 0bar or more) and other harsh working conditions

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