Mesh Exhaust Valve


Mesh Exhaust Valve

Valve disc design guided by guide ring, suitable for oil working conditions; Use mesh valve plate as air valve sealing element

The structure design of the valve plate guided by the elastic arm is frictionless and suitable for diversified structural types under oil-free conditions. The optimal design can be selected according to different operating conditions.

Performance advantages: long life; energy saving: a type with anti-impurity characteristics; a type with anti-oil viscosity characteristics;


Mesh valve valve type and application:

CS valve-high reliability non-metallic mesh valve

CT valve-high-performance non-metallic valve type for high-speed, oil-lubricated compressors

HF valve-the best choice for nitrogen and hydrogen compressors in the nitrogen fertilizer industry

Double shock valve-the best metal valve type for medium and high pressure process compressors

R type valve-the best metal valve type for low pressure air and carbon dioxide compressors

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