Connecting Rod Assembly Bushing


Connecting Rod Assembly Bushing

What is the purpose of a bushing?Bushings Manufacturer tell you what this product meaning.In the event of excessive vibration and road noise in the vehicle cab, the lower bushing needs to be checked for replacement. Components: big end bearing shell (upper bearing shell), small end bearing shell (copper Sleeve, lower bearing insert), connecting rod bolt, connecting rod nut and connecting rod body. bushing vs bearing:a bushing is a type of bearing. In general, a “bearing” facilitates movement between two parts while reducing friction. Simple in design, the typical bearing has two surfaces that roll over each other, enabling two mating components to move friction-lessly.


35#, 45#, QT600, 40Cr or 42CrMoE connecting rod body;

The upper bearing is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy and Babbitt alloy;

ZCuSn10Pb1, aluminum-magnesium alloy or Babbitt alloy is used for the lower bearing bush;

The connecting rod bolts are forged with 40Cr, 35CrMoAlA or 42CrMoE.

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