Scope of application: Speed: up to 1500rpm; Piston rod diameter: 14~250mm; Maximum pressure: 500bar; Maximum operating temperature: 220℃

1. The stuffing box is made of materials with good thermal conductivity:

2. Through the adjustment of a special threaded mechanism, the heat is directly introduced into the compressor body from the heat-conducting sleeve, without cooling water:

3. It is especially suitable for high-pressure stage, requiring cooling water, but no layout space;

4. Reduce the pipelines, joints and filtering equipment connected to the stuffing box

5. The problem of cooling water pollution is avoided:

6. It is easy to modify the existing compressor;

7. Used in conjunction with the BOT pressure balance packing ring, friction generates less heat, can reduce the working temperature of the piston rod surface, and prolong the service life of the packing ring.


The water-free cooling stuffing box solves the following problems for you:

1. The setting of water circulation brings trouble to the design and manufacture of the stuffing box

2. The cooling water and the working medium are prone to mutual pollution, which affects the normal operation of the compressor

3. Corrosion is easy to occur, which brings trouble to the maintenance and reuse of the stuffing box

4. For some high-pressure compressor stages, the size is small, and there is no layout space. Application areas: oil refining, petrochemical chemical industry, natural gas PET bottle blowing gas industry;

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