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Compressor accessories supplier tells you the difference between the intake valve and exhaust valve


The service life of the intake valve products is very long. Each intake valve product can be used about 3 million times, and the intake valve products can generally set butterfly valves according to their actual conditions. The starting pressure is very convenient. The people who buy the intake valve are mainly the purchasing personnel of various factories, construction units, and other companies.

Air Compressor Parts Three-Stage Intake Valve

Compressor accessories supplier tells you about the working process of the intake valve:
1. Start, the motor is turned on, the main engine starts to run, the small hole of the intake valve sucks air, the check valve opens, the compressed oil and gas enter the oil and gas tank, and the lubricating oil in the oil and gas tank is sprayed into the main engine head (through the temperature control valve). The pressure rises, part of the pressure is released to the upper part of the intake valve through the vent valve, and the remaining pressure is maintained
2. Loading, motor star delta conversion, the solenoid valve opens, the pressure in the oil and gas tank reaches the pressure-reducing valve through the line, pushes the control cylinder to open the butterfly valve, and the intake valve fully opens to inhale; the pressure of the solenoid valve simultaneously closes the vent valve, the machine does not Then empty, the pressure in the tank continues to rise until the air is supplied to the outside.
3. Unloading, when the pressure rises to the upper limit of the differential pressure gauge, the differential pressure gauge sends an electrical signal to the solenoid valve, the solenoid valve closes, and the butterfly valve closes when the control cylinder is not under pressure, maintaining the air in the small hole, and at the same time, the vent valve opens to release Oil and gas tank internal pressure to basic oil pressure.
4. Shut down, the motor stops, the main engine stops and no longer inhales, the lower check valve of the intake valve closes quickly, isolating the inside and outside of the machine, and the vent valve continues to vent to the external atmospheric pressure

Inlet Valve: Seat facing bonnet, the gasket on guard, disc moved away from the center bolt. When installed correctly, the seat faces the bonnet. The valve gasket slides over the guard.
Exhaust valve: guard facing bonnet, the gasket on the seat, disc moves towards the center bolt. When properly installed, the valve guard faces the bonnet. The valve gasket slides over the valve seat.

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