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Main components of compressor accessories and how to choose


Main components of compressor accessories:
Body, cylinder, piston assembly, crankshaft, bearing, connecting rod, crosshead, packing, valve, etc.

1. Air compressor valve

The piston compressor air valve is one of the more important components on the compressor that directly affects the operating economy and reliability;

2. Air compressor cylinder

The piston compressor cylinder is an important part of the compressor to generate compressed gas. Due to its high gas pressure, variable heat exchange direction and complex structure, its technical requirements are also high;

3. Air compressor body

The piston compressor body is the basic component of the positioning of the air compressor, which is generally composed of three parts: the body, the middle body and the crankcase. Various components are installed inside the body to position and guide the transmission components, lubricating oil is stored in the crankcase, and the cylinder, motor and other devices are connected externally.

During operation, the piston compressor body must bear the force of the piston and the gas and the inertial force of the moving parts, and transmit its own weight and all or part of the weight of the compressor to the foundation. The structural form of the piston machine body is divided into vertical, horizontal, angle and opposite types according to the different types of compressors;

Air Compressor Secondary Intake Valve Parts

Air Compressor Parts Three-Stage Intake Valve

4. Air compressor packing

The packing of one of compressor accessories is a sealing part that prevents the compressed gas in the cylinder from leaking along the piston rod and prevents the lubricating oil from entering the cylinder with the piston rod;

5. Air compressor piston assembly

The piston assembly of a piston compressor is composed of a piston, a piston ring, a piston rod (or a piston pin) and other parts. The piston and the cylinder form a compression volume, and the reciprocating motion of the piston assembly completes the compression cycle process of the gas in the piston compressor.

Compressor accessories purchase knowledge

1. Exhaust pressure

The higher the discharge pressure of the compressor, the more energy is consumed. The sum of the operating pressure, pipeline resistance loss and the pressure drop of the supporting equipment is set as the lower limit of the rated exhaust pressure of the screw air compressor. In general, the diameter of the gas pipeline should be larger. In order to reduce the resistance loss and achieve the purpose of reducing energy consumption in long-term operation. The higher the discharge pressure of the compressor, the more energy is consumed. So don't choose a compressor with too high discharge pressure

2. Exhaust volume

Calculate the coefficient of X1.1-1.2 of the actual total gas consumption, as the model of the selected exhaust volume, if the selection is too low, it will not reach the specified value of the gas-consuming equipment, and if the selection is too large, it will cause large energy consumption for load reduction, Uneconomy of load-shedding operation. At the same time, the purchase cost of purchasing a large-displacement screw air compressor is relatively high.

3. Compressed air quality

Compressor accessories suppliers tell you that according to the requirements of industrial gas equipment for compressor gas, screw air compressors and supporting equipment should be appropriately purchased. There are a few things to consider:

1) To reduce the oil content in the compressed gas, a degreasing purifier can be used. If the treatment index is high, multi-stage treatment can be used.

2) To reduce the water content in the compressed gas, water removal equipment can be used.

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