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What are the different types of Air Compressor Accessories?


What are the different types of Air Compressor Accessories?here are many accessories of air compressor, there are roughly 14 kinds, mainly including: 1, sensor; 2, controller; 3, valve; 4, filter; 5, main engine, 6, repair kit; 7, switch, 8, cooling type 9. Rotation; 10. Hose; 11. Startup plate; 12. Buffer fittings; 13. Instrument display; 14. Motor type, etc.

Compressor accessories

Compressor accessories

compressor accessories matters needing attention: Be sure to choose accessories with guaranteed quality. Sanwu products are likely to cause damage to the entire equipment. Even if it is a small accessory, the quality of the accessories will greatly change the later use and effect. Small accessories must be tested and qualified products.

Air compressors are divided into piston air compressors and screw air compressors according to the working principle. The accessories of piston air compressors are mainly some conventional accessories, and the accessories of piston air compressors are divided into vulnerable accessories, such as piston rings, support rings , Valve plates, pistons, piston rods, big head tiles, coolers, etc. in the valve group, durable accessories include cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, seals, brakes, oil pumps, safety valves, etc., air compressor accessories are relatively general a word.

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