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What air compressor accessories do I need?


What air compressor accessories do I need?

1. Sensor: temperature sensor, pressure sensor.

2. Controller: computer board, relay board, plc controller, controller, control panel box, operation panel box.

Compressor accessories

3. Valves: solenoid valve, rotary valve, pneumatic valve, relief valve, temperature control valve, thermal control valve, temperature control valve spool, proportional valve capacity regulating valve, pressure maintenance valve, intake valve, safety valve, regulating valve , expansion valve, expansion valve, check valve, shuttle valve, line filter, automatic drain valve, water filter cup, pressure reducing valve, pressure regulator.

4. Filter and oil: air filter, oil filter, fine oil, lubricating oil, pipeline filter, automatic drain valve, water filter cup.

5. Main engine: main engine (head), bearing, shaft seal oil seal, shaft sleeve, gear, gear shaft, overhaul.

6. Maintenance package: main engine, unloading valve maintenance package, pressure maintenance valve, rotary valve, temperature control valve spool, intake valve, coupling elastomer and other maintenance packages.

7. Cooling: fan, radiator, heat exchanger, oil cooler, rear cooler.

8. Switch: pressure switch, temperature switch, emergency stop switch, differential pressure switch.

9. Transmission: coupling, elastomer, plum blossom pad, elastic block, gear, gear shaft.

10. Compressor accessories Hose: intake hose, high pressure hose.

11. Startup panel: contactor, thermal protection, reverse phase protector, wire row, relay, transformer, etc.

12. Buffer parts: shock-absorbing pads, expansion joints, expansion valves, elastomers, plum blossom pads, elastic blocks.

13. Instruments: timer, temperature switch, temperature display, pressure gauge, decompression gauge.

14. Compressor accessories Motor: permanent magnet motor, frequency conversion motor, motor, motor.

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