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compressor accessories manufacturers tell you, how to judge whether the compressor valve is normal?


The air valve of the compressor is a very important component in the compressor, and it is also a wearing part. With the increase in operating time, it may fail at any time. So how to find the failure of the air valve in time during the operation of the compressor? In fact, after the valve fails, the compressor has very obvious changes in these three aspects, they are: temperature, pressure, displacement.

compressor accessories manufacturers

analyze as below:

1. If the intake valve is not closed tightly when the gas in the cylinder is compressed, the gas in the cylinder will leak to the suction pipe, so that the suction temperature rises, the pressure rises, and the flow decreases due to the backflow of part of the gas

2. Compressor accessories manufacturer tells you that if the exhaust valve is not tightly closed when the cylinder stops exhausting and starts to inhale, part of the high-pressure gas in the exhaust pipe will flow back into the cylinder, causing the exhaust pressure to drop. At the same time, these return gases are not cooled and the temperature is very high so the exhaust gas temperature rises. Traffic has naturally dropped significantly

Through the above analysis, the compressor accessories manufacturer tells you that it is very simple to check whether the air valve is normal. It only takes three steps:

1. Look at the flow rate: when the compressor flow rate drops, it may be caused by the failure of the air valve

2. Look at the pressure: when the inlet pressure of the cylinder rises and the exhaust pressure drops, it indicates that the valve may fail

3. Temperature measurement: This is a crucial step. Spend tens of yuan to buy a temperature measurement gun and measure the valve cover of the gas valve. If the temperature rises, there should be a problem with this gas valve.

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