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What are the common accessories for air compressor accessories? How should I choose?


For many people, it is a new concept, which sounds unfamiliar, but in fact, air compressors are everywhere, and air compressors are widely used in food packaging, medicine, machinery, chemicals, electronic products, and other industrial fields. After the air compressor has been put into operation for a period of time in the initial stage, it is necessary to maintain and replace the parts of the air compressor in time, otherwise, the normal operation of the air compressor will be affected. So, what are the common accessories of air compressors? What are the requirements for the maintenance and replacement of accessories?

What are the air compressor accessories?

There are many types of air compressor accessories, including:

1. Control panel box, computer board, operation panel box, and other controllers;

2. Pressure sensor and temperature sensor;

3. Machine head, bearings, gears, and other main engine parts;

4. Oil and filters such as lubricating oil, fine oil, air filter, oil filter, and drain valve;

5. Rotary valve, solenoid valve, safety valve, pneumatic valve, temperature control valve, pressure regulator, automatic drain valve, and other valves;

6. Cooling devices such as heat exchangers, fans, rear coolers, and radiators;

7. Intake hose, high-pressure hose and other hoses;

8. Maintenance kits for intake valve, temperature control valve spool, rotary valve, pressure maintenance valve, etc.;

Intake valve

9. Transmission of gears, elastomers, couplings, etc.;

10. Switch devices such as temperature switches and pressure switches;

11. Motors, frequency conversion motors, permanent magnet motors, and other motors;

12. Switches such as pressure gauges, differential pressure switches, timers, etc.;

13. Buffer parts such as expansion valve, plum blossom pad, shock pad, expansion joint, etc.;

14. Transformer, line row, reverse phase protector, contactor, startup disk, etc.

What are the common accessories for air compressor accessories? How should I choose? What are the common accessories of air compressors?

Common accessories for air compressors include: filters, filters, lubricating oils, separators, etc., and their maintenance methods are also different. For example: for filter accessories, pay attention to the running time of the air compressor after it is turned on. When it runs for 500 hours, it is necessary to replace the oil core. After every 1500-2000 hours of operation, the supplier of air compressor accessories recommends timely Replace the new filter element, and it is recommended to replace the oil filter element at the same time as the oil change. In order to prevent large particles from entering the screw machine to circulate and block the air filter, or enter the bearing cavity to accelerate the bearing wear, it is also necessary to regularly maintain and replace the air filter accessories, otherwise, it will easily shorten the service life of the oil fine separation core and the oil filter. Or the rotor fails, reducing the operating efficiency of the air compressor.


The supplier of air compressor parts tells you that when maintaining the air compressor parts, it is recommended to choose the original parts so that the performance of the air compressor can be better played. Some non-original accessories may appear to be the same in appearance and size as the original accessories, but they are actually vastly different. This is because air compressor manufacturers pay great attention to the design of vulnerable parts when designing air compressors. The styles and parameters of parts are related to the operation of each sub-module of the air compressor. In order to ensure the stability of the entire air compressor operating system The original parts manufacturers will repeatedly and rigorously test the design of the part, while other parts manufacturers do not understand the background of these technical designs. For example, the quality of the commonly used air filter element depends on the quality of the filter paper and the number of layers of high-precision filter paper or filter material. mm level), it will cause equipment damage or even scrap. Therefore, it is very important to choose the original air compressor accessories.

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