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Compressor parts manufacturers tell you about the common faults of cylinders


Abnormal sound, cracked cylinder, broken cylinder head. The impact sound and abnormal sound are produced in the cylinder, which can be heard on the outer wall of the cylinder with an auscultation rod, and the impact vibration can be felt when touched by hand. Causes:

(1) When the piston moves in the cylinder, the dead center clearance is not enough (especially the top dead center), and the piston collides with the cylinder head. Often the top of the cylinder head is broken.

(2) There are foreign objects in the cylinder, such as small tools, fragments of valve pieces or broken spring blocks that fall into the cylinder, and the broken pieces of the piston ring strike and move in the cylinder.

Cylinder Block

(3) Compressor accessories manufacturer tells you that the nut of the piston rod is loose and hits the cylinder head.

(4) There are cracks in the wall of the water channel of the cylinder, and the water entering the cylinder is prone to liquid shock, so it should be stopped in time, and measures should be taken according to the situation.

(5) Compressor accessories manufacturers kindly remind that during transportation, loading and unloading or installation, the collision may cause internal injury or even cracks, which will gradually expand when starting up. Therefore, all kinds of behaviors should prevent collisions.

(6) The leakage of the cooler will cause water to enter the next-stage cylinder along with the gas, which is easy to cause water hammer. For this reason, the water pressure test should be carried out before the cooler leaves the factory, and the pressure of the water pressure test should be 1.5 times the design pressure.

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