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Selection principle of air compressor accessories and what parts are there?


As the name suggests, air compressors are used to compress gas. The borrowed workers of air compressors are similar to pumps, and are widely used in various industrial production industries.

You should know that a product of a device is composed of different parts. What parts are they composed of? Now let's have a look.

Air compressor accessories are helpful for the operation and maintenance of the air compressor, including exhaust valve, stratification valve, inlet valve, concentric valve, check valve, valve plate, valve and cover.

The exhaust valve shall be used for pipe exhaust of independent heating system, central heating system, heating boiler, central air conditioning, floor heating and solar heating system.

Layered Valve

Layering valve includes stage 1, stage 2, stage 3, etc. The laminar flow valve has a closed plate, which is composed of elastic tongues with free ends. These elastic tongues are connected with each other through the transverse webs at opposite ends. The other end of the web is loaded by a guide rod clamped on the valve seat plate at a point separated from the transverse web.

Inlet valve

Inlet valve is composed of valve body, rotary check valve, butterfly valve and control cylinder. Rotary check valve is equipped with counterweight and fluorine rubber seal ring. When the compressor is started, the main engine inspires air. Due to the pressure difference, the check valve opens quickly; When the machine is stopped and the differential pressure is lost, the check valve can be closed tightly and quickly in time under the control of the counterweight to ensure that there is no phenomenon of oil discharge during shutdown. The opening and closing of the butterfly valve are controlled by the control cylinder. The butterfly valve is opened or closed according to the piston extension of the control cylinder, so as to adjust the air intake of the compressor.

Selection principle of air compressor accessories: you should understand the actual structure of your own air compressor, see which type your own air compressor belongs to, and then select the appropriate air compressor accessories, so that you can properly select.

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