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Precautions for check valve installation

Check valve

Check valve, also known as one-way valve or check valve, is to prevent the medium in the pipeline from flowing back. The check valve is one of the automatic valves. The check valve is mainly used on the pipeline where the medium flows in one direction. It is also to prevent accidents, so the medium is only allowed to flow in one direction.

Wenzhou Dongyi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is here to teach you the precautions for installation. Compared with buying products, not all newbies are newbies, and newbies need a transition period. We will also help newbies during the transition period so that you can be in the installation process. The middle heel can quickly understand the operation of the check valve.

  1. 1. Because the check valve is a one-way valve, it is necessary to design the installation position, height, inlet and outlet direction data according to the design requirements during installation, and the direction of the medium flow should be consistent with the arrow direction marked on the valve body.

  2. 2. Before installation, check the appearance of the check valve. If there is any defect or damage caused by collision, please contact the manufacturer immediately and wait for the manufacturer's solution. The nameplate of the valve should fully comply with the current national standard "General Valve Marking" GB12220, and all standards must be qualified before it can be used.

  3. 3. Do not allow the check valve to bear weight in the pipeline, especially the large check valve, which must have independent support, so that the pressure generated by the pipeline cannot affect the check valve, otherwise the valve will not be able to withstand it and be damaged.

  4. 4. The lift type vertical flap check valve should be installed on the vertical pipeline, and the lift type horizontal flap check valve is installed on the horizontal pipeline.

check valve

I believe that after our simple description of the precautions above, most of the novices or people who do not understand the check valve have already had a simple understanding of the check valve, and they will encounter something like this next time. It can be easily solved.

If you already know the above description and want to know more, you can contact us by email, and we will give you a satisfactory answer as soon as we receive your message. Thank you again for your products of our company. Recognition.

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