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Precautions for Assembly of Compressor Oil Scraper Ring


If the compressor wants to operate normally, it needs to cooperate and cooperate with each other among its internal parts in order to give full play to its working capacity. As a small part of the compressor, the oil scraper ring has an important working capacity. The oil scraper ring is equivalent to a cleaner. It scrapes off the excess lubricating oil on the piston rod of the compressor to prevent excessive lubricating oil from affecting work efficiency or causing work accidents. So this small part requires us to pay more attention when assembling and using it.

Oil Scraper Ring

1.When selecting the oil scraper ring on the compressor, its quality is very important. It is also possible to choose high-quality, hard-wearing gold cast iron, or tin bronze. And when buying, pay attention to check that there are no pores, wear, etc. on the blank of the oil scraper ring, which will affect the effect of oil scraping.

2.The oil scraper ring has the corresponding size. When assembling our compressor, we must see the size, pay attention to the use of pairs, pay attention to the direction, and ensure that it is correct. Don't make a mistake, otherwise it will cause oil leakage. 

3. The cuts of the oil scraper ring of the compressor must be installed in a staggered position. The oil scraper ring spring must be tightened and pushed by hand to test its tightness. working condition.

4.After using the compressor for a period of time, we also need to check the parts regularly, especially the inspection of the oil scraper ring, mainly to check its flatness, to see if there is any oil on the surface, and whether there is any Clear the blockage in time to extend the use time.

The manufacture and assembly of professional compressors are strictly crafted and inspected, so the quality of its internal parts is also guaranteed. Generally, the original assembled oil control ring parts can be used with confidence. When we need to replace it, we should also choose the original brand manufacturer as much as possible to increase the degree of matching. Or you can choose a reputable and professional compressor manufacturer for accessories.

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